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Podcast in Italy: a great success among millennials

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A recent research carried out by Nielsen ( showed a strong growth of Italian listeners during 2020, a fact that is also confirmed in the first months of 2021.

As the number of Italian listeners grows, so does the expectation for new series, especially foreign series, particularly those of American origin, which will be dubbed by the most famous Italian voice-over actors.

The first series dubbed into Italian will in fact be Assassin's Creed - Gold, by Antony del Cold, a series based on the video game; great exciment also for "The Sandman", an audio series based on Neil Gaiman's comics, but above all "The Serial" will attract the most attention from Italian listeners.

Almost 14 million Italians listened to at least one podcast in 2020, an increase of 16% compared to 2019. The average duration of a listening session stood at 25 minutes, up 2 minutes on 2019.

The lockdown effect has clearly increased the percentage of listeners listening at home to 79 % compared to 71 % the previous year. The percentage of people listening in their car or on the public transport used to get to work has also fallen.

However, the most interesting data concerns the age of Italian podcast listeners: in 2020, in fact, the youngest audience, in the 18-24 age bracket, is strongly increasing. The "Italian millenials" seem to prefer entertainment podcasts with original content, such as storytelling and audio series. The more mature target group of 24-40 year olds, on the other hand, shows more interest in current affairs, news and in-depth analysis.

What content do Italian podcast listeners look for most ?

27 % of Italian listeners are looking for current affairs content, 22 % are looking for free content not available on other platforms, 18 % of listeners want original content.

87 % of Italian listeners said they preferred free podcasts and the remaining 13 % said they currently subscribe to platforms such as Audible ( or Storytel (

In the 18-24 age group, the use of podcasts represents a tool for in-depth study, as confirmed by 44 % of the users interviewed.

Here is the official Italian ranking of the most listened-to podcasts in June 2021

Italian voice over: Alessandro Barbero

Argomento: Lezioni di storia dal Medioevo all'età contemporanea

Italian voiceovers : Giuseppe Cruciani & David Parenzo

Topic: Italian current affairs without censorship and free expression of opinion

Italian voiceovers : Fedez & Luis Sal

Topic: opinions about Italian culture and society with the contribution of famous guests

Italian voice over : David Parenzo

Topic: The presenter comments on Italian politics, economy and society with irony and sarcasm

Italian voiceovers : several journalists

Topic: Italian daily news reports

Italian voiceover : Giovanni Scifoni

Topic: Greek myths adapted to the daily life of Italian families

Italian voiceovers : Various narrators

Topic : Tales of world-famous Italian women

Italian voiceover : Massimo Temporelli

Topic : Tales of people who changed history with their incredible feats

Italian voiceover : Nova Lectio

Topic : Insights into events in international history and geopolitics

Italian voiceover : Brian

Topic : Guided meditation and sounds of nature

As can be seen from the ranking, the genres are very varied, so Italian narrators have the opportunity to create voice-overs on history, politics, current affairs but also to deal with complex themes in which the work of an Italian voice-over actor is the protagonist, as in the case of podcast series on meditation, or narrations of biographies.

An Italian podcast series that is currently out of the charts but extremely significant in terms of the importance of a convincing performance by an Italian voice over talent is "Hollywood Party" ( , broadcast on the national radio station Radio 3. This is a series in which the most important films in the history of cinema are broadcast solely through the voices of the original actors, and here the extraordinary work done by Italian voice over artists in all eras is particularly evident.

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