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Autumn leaves & Italian reels

A central inscription "Video game and cartoon characters" at the bottom "Italian voiceover reel" below "Luca Torchiani" and finally the inscription On the right a character taken from a cartoon

One of the most frequent requests I receive daily from agencies, animation studios or advertising producers, is to send demos of my voiceovers in Italian, possibly in various styles so as to offer their clients the widest possible choice.

This is the first step in order to present to listeners their candidacy for a voice-over project in Italian, or to stimulate the creativity of script writers in the design and writing phase.

This gave rise to the need to present clients with the different nuances that my Italian voice can offer, thanks to the versatility of the interpretation, the rhythm, the dynamism and the characteristics of the projects, which are always different; in fact, each commercial or corporate project is unique, has its own character, its own emotions to convey, its own objectives.

So how can I encapsulate all the different characteristics of my work as an Italian voice actor in one demo?

That's right! I decided to create 5 different reels for 5 categories of Italian voiceovers, like this:

Audiobooks & Narrations Reel: A selection of my best demos as an Italian voice artist in narrations, audiobooks, podcasts, documentaries, meditation and relaxation courses, in this selection the main element is the desire to convey calm and emotion through my Italian voice.

Commercials & Trailers Reel: whether promoting cars, films or TV series, watches or toys, the most important thing for me is to be an Italian voice over actor capable of engaging listeners through strength, courage, sarcasm and suggestion by creating a voice that is always different and adapted to the specific product. It is therefore fundamental to interpret the client's needs in the best possible way.

Corporate & Product Video Reel: A selection of my Italian voice-overs taken from my work in the corporate / B2B field such as e-learning, product videos, explainer videos, presentations. According to my experience as an Italian voice over, when you create a voice for a company you become part of the company itself, through professionalism, clarity in technical exposition. It is fundamental to study a product or a service in order to be able to tell it to others with the right competence, rhythm and passion, helping listeners to keep their attention.

Video Game & Animation Characters Reel: without a doubt this selection of my Italian voiceover demos is the ultimate in creativity, fun, everything a voice over talent wants is here. I've been a soldier in a famous video game, I've played Santa Claus for a TV commercial and a cute talking dog for a well-known supermarket brand. All this is a great challenge that allows me to increase my experience and versatility as an Italian voice actor.

English VO with Italian accent reel: "Do you speak Italian? " Yes I do ". I created this reel after the many voiceovers I have done in English with my native Italian accent.

This is one of my favourite reels because I think it is very special; each voiceover has a different character, thanks to the combination of the different existing Italian accents (neutral, Sicilian, Roman, Neapolitan, etc.) with the English scripts, sometimes intended for the European or American market. Movie trailers, TV or digital commercials, narrations, the sound of my Italian accent is always very much appreciated.

Did you manage to listen to all of my 5 voice-over reels in Italian? Thank you, I'm flattered! :)))

If you would like to receive them in mp3 version click on the red button below and write me a message, I will be happy to send them to you as soon as possible!

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