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“Eroi stropicciati”, my first podcast series is now online

a white background made of crumpled paper and an orange embossed script Eroi Stropicciati
Who are the wrinkled heroes ? They are all those people who, in order to pursue their own path, have completely turned their lives upside down, reversed their course, cutting the bridges with the "possible", and with their extraordinary stories have unconsciously inspired and still continue to represent small examples of how life, after all, is never a banal, pre-established path.

The first episode is dedicated to the life of Giorgio Bettinelli, Mr Vespa, an Italian singer and actor who in the early 90s decided to spend the rest of his life travelling the world on board a Vespa 125 px. In his beautiful books, he recounted his incredible adventures that saw him ride more than 300,000 kilometres across dozens of countries, continents, in extreme conditions and without any technical support. His exploits took place at a time when there was no internet, no GPS, no smartphones, no social networks, and Giorgio was not an expert in mechanics and had never ridden a motorbike before he started travelling. His life has been a constant challenge and a metaphor for human existence: "Travelling for the sole joy of getting away".

Here is where to find some of his books in Italian:

In Vespa , da Roma a Saigon:

Brum brum. 254.000 chilometri in Vespa:

In Vespa Oltre l'Orizzonte:

Rhapsody in black: in Vespa dall'Angola allo Yemen:

La Cina in Vespa:

For the Italian voice over actors, podcasting is a passion that is growing month by month. The series published in streaming are in fact reaching an increasingly varied Italian audience. Starting in 2021, my work as a voice over artist is in fact expanding to the creation of podcasts for companies, an increasingly popular tool that is also giving Italian and foreign entrepreneurs the chance to tell their business stories, sometimes made up of sacrifices, great traditions and incredible technological innovations. An Italian voice over talent is therefore increasingly important in many areas, from e-learning to storytelling, from the creation of audiobooks , television commercials and the creation of product videos for websites and social networks.

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