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Gigi Proietti, the extraordinary Italian voice over actor: his voices of the first Rocky

An eclectic and versatile actor, in the theater, as well as in cinema and television, Gigi Proietti was a true professional of show business and an all-round artist who was able to give his best not only as a stage presence, but also as a "voice in the shadows". In fact, his career as a voice actor was extraordinary: his was the Italian voice of Sylvester Stallone in the first "Rocky" but also that of the genius of "Aladdin" and Gatto Silvestro.

Gigi Proietti actor smiling autograph white hat

But Proietti's career as "voice in the shadows" also includes other famous dubbing titles such as Dustin Hoffman in "Lenny" (of which he also directed the dubbing, ed.), Robert De Niro in "Casino" (1995) by Martin Scorsese and before that, "Mean Streets" and "The Last Fires".

The great actor's vocal versatility was also expressed in the dubbing of cartoons and animated films.

Proietti received the great honor of equalling in fact a star like Robin Williams, the original voice of "Aladdin". The choice for the dubbing of the Italian version fell on Gigi who offered a test of great skill giving the Genius of the Lamp his unmistakable vocal imprint.

Gigi Proietti died at dawn on November 2, 2020, the day of his 80th birthday.

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